Newsletter #7 - Introducing Ram 🐏

Newsletter #7 - Introducing Ram 🐏

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In our last two newsletters, we outlined our plan to split SpaceTime into two apps. Now after a couple weeks of development, we’re excited to announce Ram!

Ram is a basic to-do list app with reminder notifications, task details, and navigational directions. It’s divided into three tabs:

  1. Today - so you can focus on getting stuff done
  2. Upcoming - so you can plan ahead
  3. Completed - so you can reflect on finished work

While the foundation for Ram shares similarities with most other task management apps, our roadmap takes a sharp turn away from everything else. Here’s our next planned feature:

Have ram, sheep, and goats pop out from the corners after completing a task

So after checking off an item from your list, you might be greeted by one of these guys:

With Ram, we’re striving to create a joyful, humorous, and slightly absurd to-do app. It’s not targeted at GTD users or productivity gurus, but rather someone who is looking to manage a regular task load while enjoying their day.

Our internal mantra has been “Become the goat yoga of to-do apps” (for the uninitiated - here’s a video investigating the phenomenon that is Goat Yoga). And while we haven’t shipped the features that will bring animal therapy to Ram, check baaaack soon! 🐑 🐐 🐏

(Or if you want to see what Ram looks like today, give it a spin! Download Ram on iOS)