Newsletter #9 - Goodbye SpaceTime, Hello SpaceTime!

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Last Friday, we said goodbye 😢 to the first version of SpaceTime - with its combined tasks and notes and little corner map - and said hello to SpaceTime 2.0! 👋✌️ 🎉

The new SpaceTime is focused on becoming a location journal - to help you remember the places you’ve been and the things you did. The map and your timeline are front and center:

In the first version of the app, we allowed users to put emojis on a map and noticed that SpaceTime consequently became a powerful mnemonic tool. The combination of the emoji on the map, the notes, the name of the place, the date and time - it all worked to bring back memories in surprising detail.

The screenshot above is what downtown SF looked like for me in the months of December and January. It’s got a bunch of the places I went, some ideas I came up with, and various other things I figured to enter into SpaceTime. Just glancing at the map brings me back. On my timeline, you’ll see an entry for “Napa Cabbage and Watermelon”. I remember buying those groceries. I remember walking over to my friend’s apartment. And I remember chopping up the cabbage, cooking it in a stew, then slicing the watermelon - all for a delightfully random late night snack.

We’re excited for the new SpaceTime. Still lots of work to do before it becomes the location journal we’ve imagined, but the first iteration is out in the wild! Give it a look! Download SpaceTime for iOS

(If you’re still using SpaceTime for tasks, you can export your data and import tasks into Ram. Although Ram doesn’t have a mini-map, it still retains some of its location DNA. For example, if a Ram task has a location, the task details will show a map and link to Apple Maps for navigation) Download Ram for iOS